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The new owner of this house wants a significant change in  the 80-90s house and adds some new function with minimal structure changing. Seeing the condition and style of the existing building of a house that already looks ‘old-fashioned’, we propose to lead this house towards a timeless , modern classic style.
The white color was chosen to dominates almost the entire building to create the impression of being spacious, clean, modern but still carrying an elegant classic style. The use of wall profiles and canopy shapes is simplified but still shows a light classic style, typical of modern classic.
The empty space between the living room, garage, and kitchen is utilized by placing koi pond and vertical gardens. The use of a mirror on the wall facing directly to the living room to give the impression of a double and unlimited feeling in this pool area.

Project Description
Project Type : Private House - Renovation
Design : 2016
Built : 2018
Contractor : WONG JOHAN
Project Cost : IDR 900 juta


SK House





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