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MP House


This land area of approximately 440 square meters was bought by a doctor couple with 1 child in their
teens and asked us to design a house for them. This land itself is on a relatively flat land with a contour
on the back which has a view towards the lake. The house is designed by dividing the two building masses
where the service area mass is in the front area of the house and the private area mass is at the back
where there is a garden in between. The habit of homeowners to always sit together on a daily basis in
the living room and dining room makes these two rooms the center of activity in this house and we place
them between the master bedroom and the children's bedroom for easy access. They plan to live in this
house for a very long time, therefore the main rooms in the private mass in this house are placed on the
ground floor of the house and the 2nd floor is used as a storage and hobby room for the owner. The living
room on the ground floor and the hobby room on the 2nd floor are placed across the width of the land
with a wide view overlooking the lake with a large terrace and rooftop as an alternative place to enjoy the
view from home.

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