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A home will grow with its occupants, just like this home. The house that was purchased about 20 years ago has finally grown alongside the maturing of its inhabitants, especially for the son of this family who is now an adult and starting college. Although the son no longer stays in this room, his mother still wants to prepare a "home" for her son, so it was decided to renovate the room where her son slept since childhood.

This "home" is designed to suit the personality of the son: firm, bold, yet classy. The room is dominated by black, the son's favourite colour. Warm lighting and wooden flooring are used to balance it out.

The bathroom layout is redesigned to be more functional, with an overall black colour scheme. Then, the balcony at the back of the room, which was originally just a drying area, is now added with a hobby room for the son, which is integrated with his bedroom.

With this renovation, the parents hope that their son will still feel that this room is his "home," which grows alongside his own growth.


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Ragunan, Ps. Minggu, Kota Jakarta Selatan



Project Description

Project Status: Completed

Project Year: 2022

Project Cost (IDR): IDR 251 juta - 500 juta

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